What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Do to Help Sell Your Home in Coral Springs?

It is never easy to sell your home, but it can be much easier when you have a real estate attorney on your side. At Benson, Mucci & Weis, we are well versed in real estate law and will do everything we can to help you get the best service possible for your property. We offer a number of services.

  1. Title Search

Before you go ahead and sell a property, it is essential to know whether there are any issues with the title. Issues with titles can include things such as when a lien is placed against the home without your knowledge – if this happens, it will hold up the sale of your property until all costs have been paid off.

In such a case, our real estate attorney would help you by checking that everything is in order about the ownership of your home. If there are any discrepancies, we will be able to resolve them.

  1. Negotiation

One of the essential elements in selling a home is ensuring the best possible price. We are well versed in real estate law and will know what can and cannot be done concerning your property.

  1. Obtaining Title Insurance or Title Commitment

If there are any issues with the title, then it may be necessary to secure title insurance to be aware of this issue before buying the house. Some banks also require this before lending someone money against their property. If needed, our firm will help ensure that you have this insurance before you sell your home.

  1. Close the Sale of Your Home

Once we have negotiated a deal and ensured that everything is in order regarding the title, we can close the sale of your home. This will involve drafting and exchanging contracts and ensuring that all legal requirements are followed throughout. We will also oversee all inspections needed for selling a property.

  1. Drafting Deeds

Once the sale of your house has been finalized, it may be necessary to get new deeds drafted up so that both you and any other owners on the title are correctly reflected in them. Our firm would be happy to do this for you as part of our comprehensive service. If you are looking to sell your Coral Springs home, having an experienced real estate lawyer by your side can be a huge benefit. We have successfully helped many people in this area to sell their homes, so we would love to help you too. Benson, Mucci & Weis are real estate lawyers in Coral Springs that has been practicing law for over the years.


Having a real estate attorney on your side can make the whole process of selling your home run much more smoothly. Contact Benson, Mucci & Weis to help with your home sales in Coral Springs.