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How Florida Homeowners are Gearing Up for the World Cup 2026 from a Real Estate Lawyer in Coral Springs

One year passes, then another, then another. On the fourth year of long-awaited games, soccer fans from around the world gather in a selected location to cheer on their favorite teams. Together, they experience the memorable energy of roaring crowds and packed stadiums. Interestingly enough, Miami is expected to be one of the chosen cities after FIFA announced that the 2026 World Cup would be hosted in North America. If Miami is selected, the economic increase would be substantial. New renovations taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium hint at the very real possibility. Now, what does this mean for homeowners?

Homeowners Benefit from the World Cup 2026: Real Estate Lawyer Coral Springs

In 2010, Florida residents went through an extensive foreclosure period. The use of rental properties skyrocketed, as they became a haven for those who lost their homes in the crisis. At that time, sale rates were also down, leaving homeowners that wanted to sell in a serious predicament. With the World Cup possibly coming to Miami, sales and rentals are projected to increase.

The income from home sales and home rentals will help home buyers pay off their debts and get back on their feet. According to Carlos Gimenez, the Mayor of Miami, there should be an economic boom that brings in more than $5 billion, gives 40,000 jobs, and increases tourism, as well as improves the hotel, and restaurant business in the state. The real estate community could truly use a boom in the local economic market.

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