Are the New TRID Regulations Causing a Delay in Closings?

When it comes to closing your residential home loan be prepared to wait, sometime as much as two months before the transactions closes.  Beginning in October 2015 the government imposed loan disclosures rule known as TRID designed to assist consumers by providing residential home loan buyers with information intended to combat abuse in the residential...
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Why the Debate Over Eminent Domain

For those of you who stayed home on Saturday night to watch the Republican Debate the highlight, at least from a real estate stand point was the sparring between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump over Eminent Domain.  The two candidates clashed emotionally on this topic.  But what is Eminent Domain and why all the fuss? Eminent...
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Why Do I Need a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer South FloridaOperating a business is a full time job. While most business owners place their biggest concerns with making a profit and making sure their employee’s needs are met, it’s all for naught without an adequate place to set up shop. That means...
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