Top Tips to Avoiding Construction Litigation

One construction dispute can make a job unprofitable. Multiple disputes can lead to a contractor going out of business. At the very least you are spending time and resources on construction litigation that should be spent on the project.   There are many strategies that can be used to avoid this situation and...
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South Florida Commercial Construction Problems

It is essential to the success of anybody in the building business to create world-class quality structures. There is always a keep the project moving forward and complete all required transactions as soon as possible to keep the business running profitably at all times. However, a lot of things may go wrong throughout the procedure,...
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When to Hire a Business Lawyer in Coral Springs

Most people start their own business to pursue their passion, introduce a new idea into the marketplace, or for the freedom of being their own boss. You know the motivations behind starting your business. What you probably don’t know is how to navigate legal situations that you may come across along the way....
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The Top Construction Law Firm in South Florida.

Benson Mucci, & Weiss P.L. is the right choice for all of your construction law needs. Our law firm has extensive experience and an unyielding commitment to protecting your interests. Attorney Brad R. Weiss is Florida Bar board-certified in construction law and our skilled team has over 75 years of legal experience.  Read more