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Here’s Why A Construction Lawyer Should Review Your Contract

Before starting a construction project, a professionally drafted contract is necessary to protect both the contractor and employer. However, in many cases, the contract is poorly written and not clearly defined. This can result in a potential dispute during the project or once the project has been completed. As a result, construction litigation...
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Why Do You Need A Commercial Real Estate Lawyer?

If you are looking to buy or sell a business or commercial property in Coral Springs, you will need a real estate agent as well as a real estate lawyer. Most people know what a real estate agent does, but many don’t understand the function of a real estate lawyer. Some believe the...
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South Florida Real Estate Attorneys That You Can Count On

Making the most of legal situations can be tough, especially when real estate is involved. At Benson, Mucci & Weiss, P.L., we understand how important it is to have the best assistance for real estate law in South Florida. This is especially true when it comes to commercial transactions. Our attorneys can assist...
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When to Hire a Business Lawyer in South Florida

At the beginning of your business development, it’s vital to call a business lawyer in South Florida. This is because there are many contracts, agreements, and processes that are determined early on, and their structure can influence your business greatly. At Benson, Mucci & Weiss, P.L., we can provide invaluable assistance during the...
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